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"We can offer a wide range of services to our clients, this includes but are not limited to;"

Land Based Cathodic Protection Services
With a wide range of inhouse experience, phoenix can offer a variety of onshore CP services, these include;

  • Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • CIPS and DCVG Surveys
  • Fault Investigation and Rectification
  • System Design
  • Material Supply
  • System Repair and Installation

Subsea Cathodic Protection Surveys
We can conduct both ROV and Trailing Wire methods. Our subsea equipment, along with our new Fawkes CP Software, has been designed and built using the extensive experience and knowledge of our engineers. Phoenix offers the complete offshore CP inspection package, which includes;

  •  CP Equipment
  •  Data Acquisition Software
  •  Experienced and Qualified Engineers
  •  Data Processing and Reporting

Trailing Wire Landfall/ Outfall Survey
This survey technique has been developed from the trailing wire method to enable in-shore surveys to be carried out more efficiently. 
It is designed for surveying cathodic protection systems on offshore pipelines leading to landfall and sewerage outfalls.

  • The Fawkes system is a quick and convenient method for surveying the levels of cathodic protection for buried pipelines where ROV surveys are not possible.
  • Ideally suited to pipelines up to 10km in length.
  • Longer pipelines up to 40km can be surveyed by trailing wire or ‘cell to cell’ methods.
  • Provides detailed illustration of potential trends along pipeline.