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Cathodic Protection Design
All design work is undertaken by Level 3 CP certificated engineers. We can provide in-house Level 3 staff for all four cathodic protection categories.
We undertake the design of cathodic protection systems for:-

  • Reinforced concrete structures;
  • Steel framed buildings;
  • Steel in seawater; including steel piling, combi-walls, jetties, on-shore terminals, off-shore foundations, etc.;
  • Buried steel structures; including pipelines, tank bases, foundations, piling, well casings, etc.;
  • Tank internals.

We can design retro-fit systems for existing structures, or systems for incorporation into new construction.
As a company independent of material and equipment suppliers, we can provide advice on the most suitable systems for your structure. We can provide advice on the suitability of either galvanic or impressed current cathodic protection options for
reinforced concrete, steel in seawater and buried structures.
System design services can vary from provision of conceptual designs through to fully detailed schemes which can include full construction drawings dependent on client requirements.
We provide advice on corrosion management systems for reinforced concrete structures including the development of repair strategies as defined in BS EN 1504, the British and European standard for protection and repair of concrete structures.

Specification Of Repair & Corrosion Prevention Schemes
We can provide specifications for concrete repair systems, concrete coating systems, methods of corrosion rate reduction, impressed current cathodic protection systems and galvanic anode systems. These can either be performance specifications or more detailed and specific documents.
We also provide specifications for cathodic protection solutions for buried pipelines, tank bases, well casings, sheet piling, foundations and similar structures.
We can prepare tender and contract documentation, undertake tender assessments and provide contract management services.

We can offer the following survey services:-

  • Reinforced Concrete - Corrosion Risk Assessments
  • Steel Framed Buildings - Corrosion Risk Assessments
  • Reinforced Concrete & Steel Framed Buildings - Specialised Surveys including:-Ports and Harbours – Survey and identification of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC).
    • Reinforcement electrical continuity testing
    • Corrosion rate measurements
    • Steel/concrete (half-cell) potential mapping
    • Chloride sampling
    • Cover survey
    • Quantitative repair assessments
  • Buried Structures - Pre-design site surveys including:
    • Ground resistivity surveys
    • Current drainage surveys
    • ElogI tests

Cathodic Protection Monitoring
If your structure already has cathodic protection we can undertake the operation, monitoring and maintenance of your system.
All reinforced concrete CP systems, including impressed current and galvanic anode systems need monitoring to ensure compliance with BS EN ISO 12696 ‘Cathodic protection of steel in concrete’. We are experienced in operation of all proprietary remote monitoring equipment for reinforced concrete systems.
BS EN ISO 12696 is also the applicable standard for monitoring and assessment of cathodic protection systems for steel framed buildings. We are experienced in the collection and interpretation of data from such systems.
We can provide experienced technical staff for the assessment of CP systems in terminals, where electrical safety can be a key consideration. We can undertake verification of CP systems to ensure compliance with BS EN ISO 13174 ‘Cathodic protection of harbour installations’.
We can undertake data collection and verification in accordance with the various European standards for CP systems for different types of buried steel structures. For pipelines we can undertake specialist verification surveys including; Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS), Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) and combined survey methods.

Feasibility Studies & Trials
We can undertake feasibility studies on the practicalities of installing cathodic protection to your structure. We can assess the suitability of particular anode products for reinforced concrete structures.
We can undertake whole life costings for port and harbour structures, where installation, operational and electrical costs can vary considerably dependent on the type of system.
We can undertake trial installations; these can be of particular importance in projects both for the protection of steel framed buildings and often for reinforced concrete structures. The installation of an initial trial system can provide certainty of protection to the reinforcement, particularly for densely reinforced structures or when anodes are applied from one face.
Trial installations can also identify any project risks and enable these to be addressed in the final design. This can help to reduce the risk of cost overruns and provide better technical outcomes for projects.