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Cathodic Protection Digitizer

Length: 260mm

Diameter: 125mm

Weight: 6 Kg in air, 2 Kg in water

Material: Anodized Aluminium

Pressure tested to: 500 meters

Power requirements: 24 V DC

Communication: Current loop (485) through twist pair or RS232


 Twin Cell CP Probe

Diameter: 90mmLength: 350mm  

Weight: 3.5 Kg in air, 0.35 Kg in water

Material: Nylatron GSM & Stainless Steel

Silver/silver chloride reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)

Cells are matched to within +/- 2mV

Distance between cells: 30cm

Distance between contact tip and lower cell: 5cm

FAWKES Data acquisition and data processing software

Our new Fawkes Software has been designed to be both user friendly and highly accurate. With a dual potential and field gradient graph, along with a live data review function, the Fawkes Software is an extremely efficient CP data collection tool.